Classes are $ 650.00

Epping and Newmarket High School Tuition is $ 575.00. ( All Epping & Newmarket High School students have priority enrollment )

We now offer weekend classes for students with busy weekday schedules and Driver Improvement classes for DMV point reduction. Cost for Driver Improvement is $ 50.00.


A deposit of $ 100.00 to "Benson's Driving School" is required to reserve a seat in the class. Deposits are non-refundable.


Dear Mr. Benson,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your presentations at several of our workshops around the state. We are constantly attempting to enlighten instructors on current best practices and one of the most effective ways to have the acceptance of such ideas is through sharing. Other instructors see what can be done and begin to borrow ideas,developing discussions that lead to better opportunities for student learning. It is our hope to increase the wealth of opportunities for the students we all seek to serve. Your willingness to take a leadership role in ensuring a brighter, safer future is to be commended.

Virginia C. Beecher,
Director of Motor Vehicles (former)

Welcome to Benson's Driving School, LLC. We have locations in Barrington, Dover, Epping High School, Fremont, Hampstead, Hooksett, Newmarket High School and Stratham, NH and serve all the surrounding communities. We provide to-the-door service for in-car driving lessons in all the surrounding areas and we have specific pickup points for all other areas.

Classes are $ 650.00

Benson's Driving School is dedicated to preparing the new driver to become a responsible, safe member of the driving community. We take pride in our ability to help unsure and anxious learners become confident new drivers. Benson's is aware of the many different styles of learning techniques and our individual attention has been very successful. The owner, Jon Benson, also has many years of experience interacting with young adults as a youth and high school sports coach. Benson's is not just another driving school; we take pride in our students' success and strive to make sure that all questions are answered and all driving maneuvers are learned along with instilling a sense of the responsibilities that come with being a new driver.

Our curriculum for the new driver is based on five and six week accelerated programs and upon successful completion the student will be eligible to test for his or her New Hampshire driver's license with the Department of Motor Vehicles. NH law requires that all students are sixteen years old by the last day of class.

Benson's Driving School is your best choice if you are looking for a quality driver education experience.

Jon Benson

Evelyn Benson

Nicole Benson Cloutier

Kristine Mayo

Dorothy Benson, Office Manager

Judy Cash

Karyn Robichaud

John Morin

Stephanie Allen

Matt Mitchell

Lester Murray

Craig Thomas

Amanda Plourde

Nicole LeBlanc

Chief Denny Wood, Guest Speaker

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